Design: The Thread Between Passion and Compassion

Consumption abounds around us. Small towns dissolve into suburbs (veined with strip malls and chain restaurants), where once crops grew and children adventured. While our expectations for newness are at an all-time high, our appetites for inspiration can seem unfulfilled. Our smart devices show us far-ranging things, peoples, cultures, opportunities and ideas. This makes us hope for feeling more connected with our community and with societies around the world.

But does this unfettered access to goods and information build healthy connections to others? While we come to expect same-day delivery, more than half of Americans are passionately searching for ways to make their dollars contribute to a greater good. Whether consciously or unconsciously, there is a visceral and immediate satisfaction when our purchases positively impact the lives of others – instantly creating the desire to repeat that connection again and again.

Concepts such as Farm-to-Table, Hand-Crafted, Small-Batch, Organic, and Artisinal echo ideas of the person making, growing, cultivating, or building these products. As we consume them, we feel better for being connected to their origins and evolution. That good feeling resonates regardless of the product or consumable.

If more people enjoy these feelings of connectedness through consumption, can we use that to improve society as a whole? YES. The reality is that DESIGN has the power to HEAL rifts separating people and STRENGTHEN connections relating them. It is good for both the maker and the consumer.

Woven into this global success story is a thread that’s not so obvious. One person’s PASSION for creating has the power to build COMPASSION in another. By connecting the product with the maker’s story, the consumer becomes an engaged participant in that story.  We want to connect you with the creators of CUR8 products to weave this thread between PASSION for design and COMPASSION for others into a tapestry of consumer/producer relationships for global good.

Check out our March maker spotlights. We hope these brilliant stories will instill in you optimism, hope, and inspiration to use your dollars for better products, better experiences, and to weave that feeling of doing good into the fabric of your daily life and the lives of others.

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