CUR8's Innovation Petting Zoo Coming to High Point Market

CUR8 is proud to launch its first design Innovation Petting Zoo at High Point Market on April 13, 2018. CUR8 is a wholesale marketplace bringing the best of what’s next in furniture and décor. Tomorrow’s design is all about smarter, healthier living – about innovative products that make our lives better. From the Internet of Things to 3D printing to next generation recycling and biofabrication, CUR8 brings you tomorrow’s design today.

CUR8’s Innovation Petting Zoo is a new kind of showroom event, a multi-sensory and interactive marketplace of leading edge product design. We encourage our guests to touch, feel, and play with all design objects and, in the process, learn about how they were made and why it matters.

Come discover why smart is the new sexy and feel good with our infinite, sustainable luxury collections.

Most people associate “smart home” with gadgets like door locks, security cameras, thermostats, and personal assistants – items sold in electronics and home improvement stores. That’s changing. More and more products in our homes are becoming connected to the Internet in interesting and meaningful ways. From countertops that wirelessly charge our devices to sofas that reconfigure themselves with the wave of a hand to art that interacts with us, all aspects of our built environments are getting smarter. And we no longer have to sacrifice form for function. Technology and design savvy are coming together to offer beautiful and connected home goods making smart the new sexy.

Come play with our smart products at the Petting Zoo. You can interact with digital art like never before, create beautiful lighting with touch of a finger, and behold amazing, customizable 3D-printed design. These are not concepts for tomorrow but product innovation at its best, available today.

Circular design in luxury goods is building momentum and we at CUR8 couldn’t be more excited. Why not replace unsustainable high-end products with infinitely renewable luxuries? Why not make a positive impact on our planet and our communities without sacrificing design aesthetic? Introducing CUR8’s Infinite Luxury collection, phenomenal innovation in next-generation sustainable design.

With advancements in technology, “recycling” is no longer a dirty word in home furnishings and decor. CUR8 presents products that are not only as good as their traditionally manufactured counterparts, but better. Come touch and feel our furniture, textiles, and accessories crafted from recycled materials. While you’re at it, check out the latest in other kinds of material innovation including award-winning pendant shades grown from mushrooms and wood-like veneers made from banana plants. We’re confident you’ll be both surprised and delighted by what you find.

In addition to presenting innovative new products, we at CUR8 will be introducing a new kind of market experience. Discover “showroom of tomorrow” concepts like smaller footprints, multi-sensory storytelling, and seemless integration of digital media and technology support. We call it a “petting zoo” because technology-driven innovation doesn’t have to be cold or complicated. It can be friendly and fun, an environment in which our guests can touch and feel (and “pet”) the latest in product innovation.

Join us at the CUR8 Innovation Petting Zoo at High Point Market April 14-18, 2018. Even better, get advance access at our launch party from 3-6pm on Friday, April 13. We look forward to seeing you!

CUR8 Innovation Petting Zoo it the Design Legacy Building at 126 Virginia Pl, High Point, NC, 27262

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