What Design Can Do

What Design Can Do (WDCD) is pushing boundaries in 2017. WDCD Live Amsterdam, taking place May 23-24, 2017, focuses almost entirely on climate change and how designers across disciplines can address this urgent issue. The topic is the subject of the new WDCD Climate Action Challenge — an international design competition asking for game-changing ideas for a better world. 

‘Designers are optimists, so we will approach this issue with lots of positivism,’ WDCD-founder Richard van der Laken says. ‘Instead of worrying about the problem, we are going to attack this challenge with all the creative energy and inventiveness we can bring together at WDCD.’

This year WDCD is rolling out a new, more dynamic conference format which is all about active participation. This edition includes a wide range of masterclasses, lively workshops, roundtable discussions, lectures by leading experts, and much more.


What Design Can Do (WDCD) was initiated in 2011 as a platform to showcase design as a catalyst of change to address some of the biggest social issues of our time. The dialogue transpires through their annual conference in Amsterdam, global conferences, the worldwide What Design Can Do Challenge, WDCD publications, and the blog.

Across all of the initiatives, the aim is to present best practices and visions, to provoke discussion, and to facilitate fruitful exchange across design disciplines. Why? To demonstrate the power of design and to show that it can do more than making things pretty. WDCD aims to call on designers around the world to stand up and get involved.

The CUR8 Connection:

We love everything about What Design Can Do and its focus on leveraging the power of design to make the world a better place. Interior design, compared to other design disciplines, has been underrepresented to date in conferences and initiatives such as these. CUR8 wants to help change that by building awareness and involvement.  If you can, sign up and attend this high impact event. If not, check them out at this year’s Climate Action Challenge. We hope you’re inspired to participate!


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